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While providing and serving Hawaii's best 100% Kona coffee is something we wish to continue. We also Plan to support our community through outreach and education. We wish to further spread Hawaiian heritage by first learning our Hawaiian olelo and continuing to implement it in our business.


Hawaii's Elepaio

Our logo isn't just any bird, it is Hawaii's 'Elepaio. Chosen for its Bold and inquisitive nature the 'Elepaio is said to be the first to sing in the morning and the last to sing at night. It is one of the very first species to naturally colonize Hawaii and can be found on Kauai, Oahu, and The big island. Due to their curious nature the 'Elepaio is known to follow hikers on trails, if you see one please enjoy their singing from a distance .


Just like our beans we are also born and raised in Hawaii nei

Our huakaʻi(journey) began as a coffee shop nestled in Kailua-Kona's historic Ali'i Drive Strip. While serving long time customers and kupuna(elders) was fulfilling, we decided it best to fulfill our ka makemake nui (ambition) by moving online to further spread Hawaii's unique style.
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