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A Lingering Aroma

Aloha mai kākou E komo mai!

This week we have the absolute pleasure to sit down with the woman who makes all this possible, Keaka Perry. As the co-owner and visionary of Kopelani Wai she wants to utilize the business to bring life and educate people about her Hawaiian culture. Born and raised in Hawaii, she her goal is to deepen that connection with her Hawaiian heritage; It is for that reason Kopelani Wai is making it apart of our mission to learn more and educate others about Hawaiian culture and keeping the Olelo ( O-le loh) alive.

We brewed a fresh pot of her favorite Kopelani roast; Peaberry Dark, she loves that bean for its lack of acidity and smooth taste. As we began talking about her hanabaddah days(childhood) the rich aroma of the freshly brewed coffee reminded her of her father, and how he would always have a fresh pot of coffee going. Even though as a child she hated the taste of coffee, she loved the smell of it wafting through her childhood home. As she grew older, she became a leader in her father's youth ministry, and quickly realized caffeine's importance when working with youth.

Keaka and her father would get together to plan and prepare for youth group, and every so often they would meet and plan over a hazelnut latte and a black coffee. She cherished those small moments as it was one way of staying close with her dad between their busy lives.

Mike "Tahuna" Beatty, Keakas late father

Mike, Keaka's father, was a big support and influence in her life from dancing hula competitively, becoming a youth pastor, even to her current ownership of Kopelani. Since his passing every cup of coffee reminds her of his infectious smile and the deep love he had for Jesus and others. He would always state "you can't truly love others without first knowing God's love for you." When the opportunity arose to take over Kopelani, She saw it as way to remain close to her father and share those same small moments with her own kids and grandkids.

It's incredible how coffee can flood back those memories of the ones we love, yet we don't often think about those memories until the person is gone. Kukakuka (ku-ka ku-ka) means "to talk story" and is the Hawaiian way of passing on wisdom, a lesson that was taught very well by her father. So whether you are asking for advice, reconnecting, or just sitting while saying nothing at all, it's those moments with people that can make life truly special. Be sure to go out and make some new memories with people and reflect on the special moments that you've had with someone no matter how small.

We are thankful to walk this journey and make memories with you all. Head on down to our Instagram @kopelani_coffee and share your favorite coffee memories with us.

Until next week, A Hui Hou!

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