An Unforgettable Camp Experience

‘Ano ‘ai! Have you guys ever been to a summer camp? the heat of the sun mixed in with the wondrous outdoors! Today we're brewing a pot with Kate Samuels, a camp counselor veteran. Affectionately called Katie by her close friends, Katie is new to the Islands and the Kopelani family. Kate has been on many adventures. From traveling through America, to doing missionary work in Africa, she has seen so much of the world. And now her journey has brought her to Hawaii.

We asked Kate what one of her favorite coffee memories were. She went ahead and took us back to her first years as a camp counselor, working for the summer camp KFN (Kids For the Nations). Before her time as a counselor she rarely drank coffee, instead, she would drink soda or other beverages to get that caffeine fix. The sodas were only a quick fix to her caffeine deprivation. Those quick bursts of sugar filled energy couldn't compete with the infinite excitement of the campers. Until one of her fellow counselors introduced her to a vanilla latte.

This changed the game for Kate the coffee had kicked in almost immediately; she was wired. Like lightning from the heavens she was energized and ready. And though she wasn’t bouncing off of the walls, she was ready to start the most challenging part of the campers day, waking up.

Blasting the Lone Ranger soundtrack, she would flick the lights on and off. Run through the halls screaming “WAKE UP CHILDREN! It’s time to get up! I’ve got my coffee and 3 hours of sleep LET'S DO THIS!"