Cream & Sugar

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Aloha! Welcome to the first installment of Kopelani's blog series coffee memories!

This is the series where we get the opportunity to sit down with people and recount some of their favorite memories over a cup of coffee.

How do you like your coffee?

With cream, a little bit of sugar, Maybe you like your coffee straight up. Everyone has their own specific way they take their coffee, after all it’s an important way to start your day! For most of us we craft our coffee according to taste. But for some people the way they make their coffee is tied to a special memory they might have associated with it.

Today we're sitting down with Michael Perry to hear one of his most cherished memories over a cup of coffee. Micheal is the co-owner of Kopelani Wai and Trinity pool and spa, a father of four adult children, and 5 young grandchildren. While talking story, he recounted his younger years as a child..

Every Morning,

As Michael would wake up he would prepare for his day, get dressed, brush his teeth, and make his bed, all before heading on down to the kitchen. There, he's greeted by his grandfather preparing the table for breakfast. These mornings were one of his favorite parts of the day. Nothing brought more joy to him then when his grandfather would walk over to where he was sitting, with two pairs of toast and freshly brewed cups of coffee, placing them down on the table carefully so as not to spill. his grandfather made sure to only ever fill the cup to about halfway leaving plenty of room to load that cup up with cream and sugar. As the two of them prepared their toast and coffee, they would turn on the TV and sit at the table together watching old John Wayne movies. These days Micheal doesn't put as much cream or sugar in his coffee as he once did but he still fondly remembers those moments every time he pours himself a cup.