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The Lokelani Love

Aloha, This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day that we can celebrate the person who always puts us first and listens to our long winded stories about the things that we love. But Mother’s Day is about more than just the person who gave birth to us, it’s also for those mothers who chose us, the ones who even though we don’t share blood treat us like their own. So today we will be making a brand new specialty drink that you can give to your mom this Mother’s Day.

The Lokelani Love is a brand new drink we have created by using lavender and Lokelani rose buds. This flower is the representative flower for the island of Maui. the drink utilizes the process of infusing the fragrance of the flowers to the milk. The lavender flowers that we get come from Ali’i Kula lavender farm, while the Lokelani roses are found wildly. However you can use any lavender and rose petals as long as they are dried, cleaned, and made for consumption!

As you begin to gather your ingredients you are going to need your preferred milk or milk substitute, the dried lavender and rose petals, sweetener (we use agave), and your espresso. Now the beauty of this drink is that you can use either your espresso, brewed coffee, or for a lighter twist you could do a black tea instead. Just be sure that if you are brewing your coffee or tea make sure that it is brewed stronger than normal to get the full flavor from the Lokelani Love.

Once you have gathered everything the first step is to infuse the milk and petals. This might sound complicated at first, but this is actually quite simple. First put your petals into your milk and heat it up. For the simplest way to do this, go ahead and grab your mason jar, place ½ teaspoon of lavender and ½ a teaspoon of rose petals in, then pour 12oz of the milk, and then heat the milk for a minute and forty five seconds. Once the milk has heated you will need to let the milk steep for another five minutes to allow for the infusion to happen.

While your milk steeps go ahead and let your coffee begin to brew or get your stove top espresso ready. If you are going to be doing it as a tea latte, take two black tea bags and let them steep in four ounces of hot water for 2-3 minutes. Once the milk has steeped for five minutes. Make sure you seal the mason jar and vigorously shake it up for thirty seconds to foam it up. Then place the coffee or tea in your mom's favorite mug, add some sweetener, and pour the infused milk into a strainer over the coffee (tea). You can then garnish the top by sprinkling dried lavender and rose petals for some added appeal. Now just go ahead and take that cup to your mother and let them know how much you love them!


  • ½ teaspoon of dried lavender petals (extra for garnish)

  • ½ teaspoon of dried rose petals (extra for garnish)

  • 12oz of preferred milk or milk substitute

  • Espresso, brewed coffee, or 2 black tea bags

  • Preferred sweetener (optional)


Step 1: grab a mason jar and add ½ a teaspoon of both dried lavender and rose petals

Step 2: Add 12oz milk to mason jar and heat for 1 minute and 45 seconds

Step 3: Let milk sit for 5 minutes

Step 4: Brew coffee/espresso/black tea

Step 5: Place coffee in a mug and add sweetener (optional)

Step 6: Shake milk for 30 seconds to froth and strain the milk into coffee

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